IT’S GOOD TO be B Corp

We love what we do. But our work would be less meaningful if we didn’t consider the impact that each of our choices has on the companies that use our products, and on our employees
and suppliers. This is why we are proud to be a B Corp-certified company.

We are part of a global movement that wants to use business as a positive force. To support other companies who share our vision and want to be part of the change, we have teamed up with industry experts to create Rebrain Consulting.

Of which:

Science-backed Tonnes

Science-backed CO2 isn't linked to a carbon credit, but nevertheless reliable as resulting from a scientific measurement and estimation of the CO2 tonnes absorbed.

Certified Tonnes

Certified tonnes are CO2 tonnes linked to carbon credits which certify an exact amount that can be offset.

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Carbon Neutral since 2021, we have been committed to measuring, reducing and offsetting our emissions.

We have supported the Nashik Wind Energy project in India, with 53.029 Kg of CO2 offset in 2021.

Green Cloud Certified, for certified zero-emission documents and data centres in Italy.

Carbon Tracking Tool, to calculate product-related carbon emissions and support better choices.


Fair Trade-certified supply chains, to guarantee care and transparency in production processes.

Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) certification, for products made from recycled yarn or injection printing using recycled materials from plastics that could otherwise end up in the sea. We support Rebrain India, a project that manages sustainable production and trade. Together with Zero Plastic Ocean, and the other international partners in the working group, we helped to create the new scheme Social+ OBP which also protects the social aspects of plastic collectors (rights, child labour, decent wages and training). View the project

Organic Regenerative® (ROC™) certification, to prioritise soil health, animal welfare and the social well-being of farmers and agricultural workers.


Living Wage Employer certification through FairWage, to ensure fair pay and transparency.

Equal opportunities charter for equality and inclusivity at work.

Partner of the NGO Operation Smile Italia ETS Foundation, to support research, care and training in over 40 countries worldwide.